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The Rad Dad Newborn Starter Kit



Product Description

The Rad Dad Newborn Starter Kit contains everything you'll need to survive the first two weeks of fatherhood. This kit includes: - The New Father, by Armin Brott (#1 bestselling Fatherhood book on Amazon) - Manly Hands hand sanitizer by Hands by Heath - for those diaper changes! - "I'm Not Listening!" earplugs. Now we're not suggesting you ignore your baby and let Mom do all the work, but if you're taking shifts and it's not your shift and you need a little shuteye, earplugs work wonders! - A Unitensil foldable fork/spoon/knife set by Theo Stewart-Stand. Great for dads on the go! - Petite Calendula baby soap from Zolia Vera - Organic washcloth from Bugsella - you can never have too many washcloths, especially when you're giving lots of sponge baths in the beginning! - Minty Mani nail files from Fred and Friends. For the first month of your baby's life, you won't be able to use a nail clipper to clip their nails. That's where these nail files (in the shape of gum sticks) come in handy! - Crocheted donut rattle from Cheengoo. Rattles are one of the first toys babies respond to, and we've picked a cool donut one for yours!

Recommended for Trimester 1, 2 & 3